gushy gushy newborn loooove

Kids feel most comfortable in their own home. It's a beautiful thing, really, how they are able to let down all guards and grow and learn and experiment because they trust those familiar surroundings. They have spent hours snuggling on mom and dad's bed, cuddling on the couch and wrestling on the floor. Dreaming up lives for their dolls that mirror their own, eating sliced apples while swinging their legs, zooming their boat through warm bath water. These memories that make up their version of family are beautiful to document. Then that dynamic shifts slightly with a new addition, and I love to show you in pictures how meaningful that shift is for everyone. There are rough parts, and then parts filled with so much love the rough parts seem like nothin'. Trust me to create magic.

Are you expecting a new little love in 2016? Shoot me an email and let's get a session like this scheduled for your family.