Reynolds Fam

We met at the bottom of the canyon and then drove up together, partly so I would have a little bit more time to win over their darling daughter before we began with pictures. I remember when my son was 18 months old, and I knew that either she would hand smiles out like candy or I would have to work reeeeally hard. She warmed up pretty quickly (thanks to a book) and I was feeling so good about things as we got out of the car. We walked over to some gorgeous trees, I told them where to stand, they snuggled up close and looked at me for that one, everyone looking at the camera shot, and as soon as the camera went up to my face their sweet daughter lost it. We're talkin little grins to full-on tears streaming down her face in seconds. Obviously we were able to move past that and get some gorgeous shots, but I was kind of grateful for her little meltdown because it gave me the chance to work my kid-whispering magic. And I always love when I get to put on that hat.