Film with Sam

At first I signed up for the workshop because I love Sam's unique style, and love hearing what other photographers have to say about how they go about sessions. It's fascinating to me to see all the different processes. It was a workshop on film, but I brought my normal digital camera fully expecting to not even touch a film one. But peer pressure is real, and I ended up shooting the film because why not. Turns out it's amazing, and my birthday list just doubled, soooo that's the only downside. The workshop was so inspiring, and hearing what Sam had to say about her approach to sessions resonated with what I know about children from college (and also motherhood) and gave me the push to calm down during sessions and actually get the shots I brainstormed ahead of time while still being present in the moment to capture beautiful things I couldn't have anticipated. The very best part of it all was getting to shoot with so many other talented photographers. It's addicting to shoot surrounded by that much creativity, you couldn't help but let it fill you up. 

I only have a couple more openings for the rest of the year so let's get in touch and make this magic happen for your own family.