When life gives you stale muddy marsh water

You try your very hardest to distract your two year old from running and jumping/drinking it during family pictures.

Man, this family. Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes. Sometimes I wonder if it's bad that I feel like I could say that about every family so far, like it could possibly detract from the meaning because oh Ali, you said that about the last family too. But really. Each session convinces me that I'm only just beginning to skim the top of how many good people roam this world. This family and their obvious joy remained with me throughout the rest of my weekend. I hugged my family tighter, I was more patient with my kiddos, I noticed more needs around me instead of being focused on my own. Family's hold such an immense power for good, and I feel so darn lucky to have that rub off on me weekly. Can you even imagine how good of a person I'll be in 5 years if I keep getting to interact with gems like the Angel's?