the kind of people

It has been harder than usual to come up with the words for this one. I teared up at the very first email, and my heart ached for their past five years, while rejoicing because they finally got what they had been waiting so long for. Driving to their house I was a nervous wreck. I always get nerves before sessions, but this one? It had to be perfect. It had to capture the waiting and the magic, all the emotions that had been flowing through their souls for years. The second they opened the door and motioned me inside while simultaneously offering me water and anything else I needed, all nerves disappeared. I realized how easy it would be to capture that love because they were overflowing with it. Then I spent a couple hours with them and now want to be best friends for life-- they are the kind of genuine people you want to surround yourself with. Lucky, lucky little babes.

If you're having a baby soon, I would be honored to help document those first few weeks home. The time that flies by without you even noticing because how can you take your eyes off their perfect face for even a second? Schedule HERE.