dream saturday

I always ask my clients to do this because it has a way of giving me a glimpse into their story without sending an 8 page long questionnaire (ps i can never spell that word right the first time). I have yet to answer it myself, so I thought I would today to accompany some more real + raw film scans of my family. Bedhead, mismatched pjs, and dino nuggets in all their grainy film glory.

Here we go!

We wake up to a set of eyes now tall enough to see completely over the bed, holding the book he wishes to start the day with. Baby sis joins us and dad is home so we stay snuggled in bed all together for another half hour or so, reading and back scratching and warm under the covers. Downstairs in the fridge are all the fixins for some delicious omelets. Once those are enjoyed, Mike takes the kids upstairs to play while I clean up the house-- belting with Celine about gushy love with zero distractions or child-sized tornados.

House is clean, soul is refreshed, and now we get to go on an adventure to somewhere breathtaking. An easy (because, kids) hike in the mountains, a trip to the park, or trying something new until the sun goes down and it's time for a date with Mike. Probably just a simple dinner, because that's our favorite these days, or maybe attempting to play racquetball with friends if we're feeling wild ;) Then back at home to tuck in the kids with more books and a silly song before we slide back into our own bed and chat until we can't possibly stay up any longer-- ideally around 9 :)