the two of them

I distinctly remember as a young girl when my mom first told me that she loved my dad more than us. I probably made a face similar to that one super shocked emoji. At first I thought umm.. that's not ok. We are your KIDS. And then I noticed more of the details in our days that showed this-- how she lovingly made him breakfast, lunch, and dinner day after day. How she always served him first at each of these meals. How she ironed every one of his shirts each week. How she would seek out his company before bed to say prayers together if he had a late night of working ahead of him. I realized how beautiful it was. How much I took for granted that she did love him more than us, that she taught us by example where our priorities should be in our families down the road. We always knew we were dearly loved and we always knew our parents loved each other even more. After shooting all of these families before kids the past few months I want to put a bit more emphasis on mom + dad at each session. We always get a shot we love, but I want to give more than that.

I have a handful of openings starting in July and would be thrilled to document your family hanging out at home. Shoot me an email HERE and we'll plan something fun!