sense of family

She had homemade dough ready to be rolled out and covered with pizza toppings when our session was done. She made a room dedicated to creating, in whatever form they pleased. Each of them had their own instrument. In every room was evidence of the care taken to create a meaningful home. I was so impressed by all of this.

Then we started taking pictures, and when I asked them to play with toes or whisper secrets I watched for ways they interacted naturally. A head on the chest in between whispers, listening with hands softly on cheeks. How they laughed at dad's funny stories. I noticed this incredible sense of family and that is what inspired me most. They were sincere and respectful, playful and silly. Confident in who they are and what they do, and gosh, if down the road my family is half as awesome as these guys I'll be thrilled.

I have one spot left this summer and would be absolutely giddy to come and document your family at home. Shoot me an email HERE and let's chat about how we can make that happen.