cox family

The first interaction I had with Ellie was from a simple and genuine message sent through insta. We met in person shortly after and when she asked me to take pictures of her family at home I just about died of excitement. You see, Ellie has this quiet, inspiring strength about her that ignites courage in any who are lucky enough to spend a few minutes with her. She fights for goodness and has instilled so much worth in the souls of her daughters. The story of their family is truly remarkable. We laughed, we colored, we danced, and even cried good, memory induced I can't believe this is our life tears. 

If you're sitting there thinking, man, I wish I had these very pictures of my own family then odds are we'll be a really great fit ;) Winter is pretty much full, and spring is filling up quick too so send on over an email HERE and let's set something up! I'll also be in So Cal, Pheonix, Dallas, Houston, and the Bay Area in the next few months and still have a handful of openings. Sooo many options to meet all you wonderful humans and document that love of yours.